Welcome to NGor Island Surf Camp

A paradise on a tiny Island surrounded by a few world class waves, close to the capital center of Dakar. The camp offers you to stay in a nice and clean place with a pool, outside showers and sunbeds - a perfect place to chill after a long day of surfing. We are waiting for you to come and enjoy our endless summer type of life.

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Spotmap and surf guiding

Every day one of our local surf guides will take you to the best of 21 spots. Located on the most Western point of Africa the nearby mainland peninsular attracts swell from the North, West and South offering potentially Africa's largest and most consistent swell window.

The waves here are consistent all year round--almost twice as consistent as in France and Morocco in summer. And, despite nearly half a century of surfing in Senegal, there has never been a shark attack on a surfer.

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Our cook prepares your meal every evening alternating between European food one day and Sénégalese food the next. 
For breakfast we offer coffee, tea, choko, honey, jelly, chocolate spread, fruits etc. When available we serve local made bissap and baobab juice.

Different jelly made from local fruits and produced by the local village. For dinner we try to make people discover the traditional food of Senegal which is very good and extremely tasty. Our cook goes shopping every morning at the local market to buy the vegetables from the local farms, and the fish caught by the local fisherman around the island.
Some days our cook also prepares dishes from other West African and European countries. For lunch there are a number of beachside restaurants serving freshly caught fish and grilled meats directly in front of the ocean. There are also two small shops within close walking distance of the camp selling drinks and anything else you may need.