Experience: Experienced surfers
Frequency: Regular
Type: Reef-rocky
Direction: Right
Bottom: Reef (coral, sharp rocks etc.)
Power: Powerful and hollow
Normal length: 50 - 150 m
Good day: 50 - 150 m
Swell direction: South, southwest swell
Wind direction: North, northwest, southeast
Swell size: Starts at 1-1,5 m/3-5 ft and holds up to 3 m/16 ft and over
Tide position: All tides
Tide movement: Rising and falling tides


Club Med - One of the most powerful waves in Dakar - Senegal

Just infront of the old Club Med is one of the best waves in Senegal. Heavy barrels and long rides, for expperienced surfer only. The spot is close to the most western point of Africa and picking up the smallet swell. With just 2.5 ft. swell you already have overhead barrels. The new Club Med has now moved to the south of Senegal.

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