Every day one of our local surf guides will take you to the best of 21 spots according to the conditions and your ability. Located on the most Western point of Africa the nearby mainland peninsular attracts swell from the North, West and South offering potentially Africa's largest and most consistent swell window.

The waves here are consistent all year round--almost twice as consistent as in France and Morocco in summer. And, despite nearly half a century of surfing in Senegal, there has never been a shark attack on a surfer.

We always do our best to make sure that our guests are at the best place at the right time. Checking up on local swell forecasts and most important watching the spots at first light. If the conditions are good the camp bell will be ringing, then off for a sunrise session before breakfast. There is always a cup of coffee and some fruit to grab before going out the door. Our boatman "Bai Dam" lives in the camp and will take us to the mainland or to the spot by boat with a guide.


At 10 O'clock when we have finished the breakfast, we get a fresh updated swell report from the different spots. We send our guests to the different spots with a guide, depending on their level. Then surf's up all day:) Alasanne the mini van driver is waiting on the mainland, if that's where we find the best spots of the day. Bai Dam is on stand by all day ready to take us to the spots around NGor Island.

Our surf guiding is all about trying to help our guests exploring the best waves that only local knowledge can provide. As we have huge swell window and changing wind directions, conditions are always changing. Our guides are there to help our guests with finding entrance and exit points at various spots, tides, waves and wind options. To make sure that you will have the most suitable conditions regarding your level.

Since 2006 we have been exploring the north and south coast of Senegal. When wind and swell conditions are right, we arrange road trips with our van or 4x4.

Distance to the different spot from NGor Island Surfcamp

  • NGor right 1 minute walk
  • NGor left 3 minute walk
  • Ouakam 5 min. by boat and 15 min. by car.
  • Secret, Vivier, Speed point, Club Med 5 min. boat and 10 min. by car
  • Baides des Carpes and Loic Left 10 minutes by boat
  • Virage beach break 15 minutes by boat
  • Yoff Island left and right 20 minutes by boat
  • On exceptional swells we do guided tours to other spots north and south of Dakar