We take pride in celebrating and encouraging people to discover the traditional food of Senegal and West Africa, which is extremely delicious. The food is completely fresh as the cook goes to the local market every morning to buy ingredients for the evening meal. The fish used is caught by the local fishermen on the island, therefore it is fresh, local and sustainable!


In addition to the local fish soup, fataya or our home made moringa goat cheese, Mame also occasionally prepares delicious muffins for us to enjoy at the camp.


We also offer a choice of Senegalese vegan/vegetarian food - please let us know upon arrival your requirements and/or if you suffer from any allergies.

Thiébou-dieun (rice and fish) - Senegalese plate

Thiébou-dieun (rice and fish)

The Senegalese national dish!

The particularity of thiébou-dieun comes from the way of cooking it, often simmered in tomato sauce and cooked in one single pot to allow all the ingredients to share their flavors together. There are no rules to cooking Thiébou-dieun.

A variety of vegetables are used, including, maniocs, cassavas, squashes or pumpkins, carrots and aubergine. For the fish it is the same as the vegetables, depends just on the fisherman.

This dish can also be coocked with meat and is called Thiébou-yapp (Rice and meat).


Mafe - West African plate

Mafé is an African dish cooked in Senegal, Mali, Ivory coast and Gambia. The principal taste comes from the main ingredients, the peanut butter. The vegetables used are onions, cassavas, carrots, aubergine, and sweet potatoes . It can be cooked with all kind of meat, chicken, beef, sheep and even fish or simply without for vegetarian. Mafé is served with rice and some sauce spread on it.


Yassa fish balls is another Senegalese dish, you would be suprise of! The balls are made with minced fish, salt, pepper, garlic, some spicies and stale bread to give the consistency to the balls. Then, there are ready to be shape and fried! Fresh tomatoes and onions composed the sauce add it vinager, salt and pepper. Yassa fich balls is served with white rice.

Vemicelle meat

Vemicelle meat is a savoury food. The meat is first cooked in some water and garlic in order to give it its tenderness. The soup stock is kept away and use to finish the sauce. The meat is fried with the onions for few minutes then mustard, vinager, spicies and the classical salt and pepper are added. Well seasoned its time to add the soup stock to the preparation and let it simmered down until the right smoothness. By the other side the vermicelle are cooked with a little bit of sugar, vinegar and saffron diluted in water.

Thiou curry - West African plate

Thiou curry

This dish can be prepared with different meats as lamb, chicken or beef. The meat is fried in a pan with some onions. The vegetables cook in the tomatoes sauce, as the Thiébou-dieun, in order that each one share their flavor. Cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, cassavas, gumbos, green and yellow pepper give colors to this dish. That makes it as colorful as delicious. Served with white rice.

Guinéa broche (Sweet potatoes leaves sauce)

The sweet potatoes leaves are cooked in different ways in Africa. One of the usual way is to cook it as speenaches and prepare a sauce with. The main ingredients who compose the sauce are cassava leaves, gumbos, tomatoes, onions,fish, palm oil, and salt and pepper. This sauce is serve with white rice.


Couscous is probably the most renown north african’s dish. It can be prepared with lamb, mutton, chicken or mergez and even with all of them for the « royal couscous ». As the other meals, couscous is prepared with a wide range of vegetables, potatos, carrots, aubergine,turnip celery and zucchini. The mix of spicies, for example raz-el-hamout and paprika, makes it really tasty.