Surftrip to Dakar 9. Jan - 29. Feb. 2008

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10 Jan. - Arrived in Yenne(1 hour south of Dakar) yesterday at 6 o´clock. My plan was to go straight to N´Gor Island, but no boats before 8 o´clock, so took a cap to Pape Diops family house. Where they had made a room ready for me. I gave all the children some of the clothes I brought from DK, photos to been seen HERE.

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Now I moved to another house where I also live for free. Power, freezer, my own bathroom, pure luxery in Africa:-) The owner is called August, he is a local man marrid to an American woman and has been working in the States as a cook fore 12 years. But they decited to raise their 2 children in Senegal. At this time his wife is back in USA, so he is very happy to have some company. So I can stay here as long as I want.

12. Jan

August cleaning mussels

Drum Party Tubab Dialaw - Lørdag aften

13. Jan. - Now i stayed in August´s house for 5 days, he is very nice and guestfree like everyone else in Senegal. But no swell here in Yenne. So it´s time to move on to N´Gor Island, cause there is always some swell to be surfed. I also have to get on with my homepage/hotel projekt. Therefore i ordered a cap to take me at 6 o´clock monday morning, hopefully I will avoid the traffic going to Dakar. I the evening as i went to visit Yasine(the local Doctor, who "saved Thomas"), I meet her daghter Fatou and she was going to Dakar the same evening, so I could catch a ride.

14. Jan - Went to N´Gor Island with the first boat to catch a little morning surf and "check in" to the surfcamp. Four Americans, one photographer from Surfer Magazine and three pro surfers just arrived at the camp, cause a Storm should send some big ground swell in one of the next days. Todays surf: 1 meter wave and the wind made it very choppy, so not the best surf, rather call it swimming practice. Think i need it for the big swell comming up.

17. Jan - It´s nice to stay at the surfcamp, chilling and surfing. The surfs is still "small" but I didn´t ride this big a wave since my last trip to Senegal, so for me it´s very nice. The 3 pro are ripping the N´Gor right like never before, the 2 lokal Senegal "pro" surfers are also surfing very well. Eventhoug the guys catch almost every wave worse riding, I still get to surf some nice waves. Just sitting in water and watching the pro´s surf is incrieble.

20. Jan - Still living in the surfcamp, having a good time. Small and shitti waves(how the pro´s describe it) but for me it big and very nice. Yesterday 10 girls from the lokal french school came to surf with the pro´s, and wow surf babes ripping the N´Gor right... Nice to watch and after the surf Phillipe told me the one of the girls won the Senegal championship. So now I understand why they where so good. No elektricity on the Island, but we are lucky, we have 2 car batteries charged by solar cells, so we can listen to musik and have some light in the evening. At 22 o´clock everybody is sleeping, and we get up at 7.

23. Jan - The last days we had a BIG swell. I surfed so much, my hole body feels like it have been beaten up all night. I had a good chance to use my camera. Cause I could follow Bryan around and take shots from the same angels as he did. We also rented a boot for the day, witch made it a lot easyer to get some nice surf shoots. Clik here to see all the surf photos:-)

Random photos from the last week

29 jan. - No more swell, so its time to do something else. Today i picked Østergaard up in the airport.On my way to the airport i meet Andi from Gambia. He gave me his car keys to his nice BMW 328i, so I had a good car to pickup Michael. We picked up some beers and took the boat to the Island to chillout at the surfcamp. Five nice English guys just tjeked in at the surfcamp, so gin/tonic and poker was the program tonight. Michael brought my old wakeboard, so if there is no waves tomorow, we go wakeboarding.

Went to see Fauto at her office

1. Feb - We now continued our trip in the south of Senegal. Lucky to catch a small wave today, and Michael had a chance to see another side of Afrika. His pictures can bee seen HERE

10 Feb. - Some very good days has passed. We have been at the surfcamp the last 5 days. We had 3 days with big swell and some good surf. Saterday - Tricky, Michael, Fauto and me went to party all night, we returned to the Island at 8 o´clock sunday morning. And fianaly Michael was lucky to get one surf- and wakeboard photos of me.

Wakeboarding in Senegal

Photos from Brian Nevins Click here to see the photos

The new surf photos, finally one photo of meThe new surf photos

Phillips surfcamp where I

Jul på Færgekroen 2007

ZillertalGiv din gamle mobil til Afrika og se modtageren

Nice LUX - Kitesurfing to the max

Gosurf riding rail in Herning

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